We all know that 29in wheels are fast, but hitting corners and linking turns on a Ziggy Link equipped Druid is a feeling that needs to be experienced. Delivering increased reaction times, a heightened ability to change direction and adapt to the trail ahead, to letting things get rowdy while remaining relaxed and composed is all eye-wateringly fun.

The Ziggy Link allows Forbidden Druid owners the ability to apply the business up front, party out back mixed wheel size approach to their bikes. Replacing the lower link from the Druid’s two-part Rate Control linkage, the Ziggy Link recalibrates the geometry to accept a smaller 27.5in rear wheel and immediately converts your 29er Druid into a mullet sporting corner slayer.



What tools are required to install the Ziggy Link? 
Torque wrench (up to 14Nm) 5 & 6mm Allen torque bits 5 & 6mm Allen keys Lithium-based grease 

Can a home mechanic install the Ziggy Link? 
Yes, it’s a fairly straightforward job for a competent home mechanic and there are no bearings in the lower link, but due to the nature of a suspension linkage, it is imperative that torque settings are adhered to. We, therefore, recommend that work should not be attempted without a torque wrench and the knowledge to use it accordingly. For a professional shop mechanic, this is a quick and simple job and if you’re friends with your local Forbidden dealer, perhaps buy them some beers (or cookies) and they might do it for you. 

Can you run a 27.5in front wheel? 
Categorically no and doing so will void your warranty. 

Does the Ziggy Link change the Druid’s geometry?
We have offset any changes to the kinematics but the geometry is marginally lower and slacker.

For more information about the Ziggy Link and how to install click here.

Druid Ziggy Link Geometry

150mm Fork S M L XL
A Reach 420 440 460 480
B Stack 610 624 638 651
C Hori. Top Tube Length 580 604 627 651
D Seat Tube Length 400 420 450 490
E Seat Tube Angle (Effective) 75.1 75.1 75.1 75.1
F Seat Tube Angle (Actual) 71.2 72.8 74.1 75.1
G Head Tube Length 90 105 120 135
H Head Tube Angle 65.1 65.1 65.1 65.1
I Front Center 734 760 787 813
J Rear Center 415 427 439 451
K Wheel base 1150 1188 1226 1264
L BB Drop -27.1 -27.1 -27.1 -27.1
M BB Height 334 334 334 334
N Stand Over 724 724 730 736
O Fork Length 571 571 571 571
P Fork Offset 44 44 44 44

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